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Gemstone Bottle Necklaces

Gemstone Bottle Necklaces

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These gemstone faceted necklaces are seriously amazing They are genuine lapis lazuli, lavender rose quartz, and fluorite. They have a screw on top and open just as a normal bottle would. Fill your bottle with essential oils or perfumes, or anything your heart desires.

Pendants are approximately 1.5" long and 0.6" wide.


Option A: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of peace. It it said to bring calm and centring to fearful emotions.

It enhances psychic abilities and communication with ones spirit guides and the Higher Self, it enhances creative expression, especially verbally and through words in general, a good, inspiring stone for authors who may be suffering from writers block.



Option B: Purple Fluorite

Option C: Rainbow Fluorite

Option E: Green Fluorite

Fluorite promotes self confidence and is said to attract wealth. It  is also a very protective stone, on all levels.

It’s especially good for protection against psychic attack and external manipulation, it keeps the aura stable and clean.


Option D: Lavender Quartz

Lavender Quartz is a stone of love, healing and joy. It is said to alleviate lack of self worth and low self esteem, and helps to assist with appreciating the things around you. It has a lovely positive effect on this the mind whilst dispelling mental blockages, but it also brings love and joy to the carrier.


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